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Teresa opened Flood Media Group in 1997 only after learning that the regional office she’d run for Western International Media for a number of years was dissolving. Many of her same clients followed her to Flood Media Group because they knew this was a woman who spoke fluent MEDIA.

Having been in the media industry for over 30 years we know that the best thing for a client is not always the newest available


The message is critical to exhibit all of the services the client offers. What service/product appeals to what audience.?


We evaluate all of the media and prepare a launch that highlights the client’s message to the largest amount of the target audience for the budget. 


Every company knows they need to advertise. It is the details of when, where and how much to spend. That is where we step in and help them. Flood Media Group is prepared to help any client of any size hone in on their unique advertising goals that matches their specific budget needs. 

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