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You have successfully landed yourself at the end of your search when it comes to all things MEDIA!!

Meet FLOOD MEDIA GROUP.  Your all-in-one "go-to" for media planning and buying support.

We facilitate all media placements.  From multi-market television buys to single-market Facebook initiatives.


If it's what the client needs in order to ROCK their marketing strategy - > then we will make sure it plays out without a hitch & that you truly do get the loudest BANG! for your buck.

Making the wheels on the (advertising) bus go 'round & 'round is kinda our "jam" & we get a kick out of either running point or backup to your media incentives.

And - just like Mary Poppins had her infamous bag - Flood Media Group has its own endless resources ready to go to work for you & your team.
Meet your new best friends. . .
Teresa Flood

I’ve been at this “showbiz” thing for quite a while.  I have 25+ years experience of composing advertising plans and executing media buys for a variety of clients.

Taking direction from clients on their needs / immediate focus for their business is my passion and my expertise.

Email:  Teresa@FloodMediaGroup.com
Tess Flood

I'm the tinkerer behind our media plans / buys.  I work tirelessly to get the MOST value for our clients each and every time.

I hold 10+ years of advertising experience on the ground level, while also being savvy to that beautiful thing called "strategy".

Just call me the "ace up your sleeve".

Email:  Tess@FloodMediaGroup.com
The Tale of Two Floods
(Our Story)
Truth be told, we both sort of stumbled into this awesome business!

Teresa started out simply wanting to be the BEST secretary the world has ever known.  Just so happened that one of those clerical gigs she was rocking was at Young and Rubicam in Dallas, TX. 

Um, yeah - It didn’t take them long to realize the girl had a knack for the media business.

Tess, on the other hand, started off thinking she was destined to make movies.  However, the film business being the illusive mountain that it is, Tess sought a line of work where she could shepherd more projects, so she found her way into an up-and-coming talent agency called Venture IAB.  There, she learned the true art of making sure the “train schedule” ran smoothly so-to-speak.

Teresa opened Flood Media Group in 1997 only after learning that the regional office she’d run for Western International Media for a number of years was dissolving.  Many of her same clients followed her to Flood Media Group because they knew this was a woman who spoke fluent MEDIA.

Tess joined her after returning from Los Angeles, & since then, the two have been re-defining what “partnership” is all about (both internally & with their clients).

Their unique ability to keep their operations LEAN by focusing totally on the media aspect of it all is the secret awesome-sauce that makes them unstoppable.

When you get Flood Media Group - & the two highly-resourceful women that run it – you get a media planning / buying ARMY.

Hey - don't take our words for it. . .
Darryll Lindsey
Associated Electric Co-Ops
Bill Rabourn
Medical Consulting Group

Other programs we offer are our
"Digital Focus Group" & the "Broken Window Project"
"Digital Focus Group"
Get your fingers on the pulse of your market!

What if you were able to ask your prospects what they REALLY thought of your product or service?

And all while being completely anonymous . . .
"Broken  Window Project"
A“Broken Window” is anything about your organization that screams “we don’t care” to current & potential clients or associates.

If there are any “cracks” throughout any of your processes – we will help you to find them & FIX them immediately & painlessly.
Call us to start brain-storming on your next big project.
We look forward to working with you & your team!
(417) 864-8982
1737 E. Walnut St.
Springfield, MO  65802
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