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  • Develop your distinctive brand identity

  • Unify your campaign goals and define "success"

  • Research applicable target markets for every message

  • Determine appropriate budget to achieve your campaign goals

  • Communicate media buying strategy based on thorough research

  • Provide prompt, customized reporting per client's needs

  • Negotiate costs of new broadcast spots & coordinate all production

  • Digital asset management & traffic coordination for all media

  • Audit invoices to ensure actualized placements are as intended

  • Hold media partners accountable for any discrepancies to get your best value 

  • Complete fresh copywriting to suit your brand's unique voice

  • Update creative to ensure the best receipt of your marketing message

  • Handle creative production across all platforms

  • Create and distribute press releases that coincide with internal programs and notable actions. 

  • Simplify payments between media outlets and your business

  • Guarantee payments are for accurate actualizations of your plan

  • Complete precise and timely payments on your behalf

  • Report on expenditures 

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